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Rainbow Craft Shows


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 Rainbow Crafts

1115 Jackson Street,

Scranton, PA  18504

PHONE:  570 561-5658 Cell


Application for Craft Shows 2008

You may duplicate this form for other shows.

Name     __________________________________________________

           Address   __________________________________________________


           Phone      ___________________________________________________

           Cell Phone  _________________________________________________

           Email        ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________________

Mall Show        ______________________________________________

            Dates of Show  ______________________________________________


            Describe your crafts in as much detail as you can to prevent duplication of items from other crafters.  Example:  Wood ornaments, Beaded Magnets. 

            I will try to have very little duplication and if there are some similar items you will be separated from each other.  Thanks for understanding this.  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

            Describe your display and the amount of space you need to set up your items. 

            Example:  Square, U Shape, L Shape, Straight Tables, Racks, Or Combination of Any Other __________________________________________________  Approximate Size of Space needed is:  ________________________________


            By submitting and signing this form, you, the exhibitor agrees to hold harmless BEVERLY AND CHARLES BABCOCK, RAINBOW CRAFTS, and ALL MALLS and their representatives from any Liability Damage, Injury, Fire, and Theft.

            Signature _______________________________________________________



            Do you have a Tax ID certificate?                           Yes ___   No ____        

            Do you carry insurance on your craft business?        Yes ___   No ____

            Do you need electricity for this show?                      Yes ___   No ____

            Do you have your own display? (tables and chairs)    Yes ___   No ____


            If this is the first show you do with us, please provide photos of your crafts and display, we will return them at the show.


            $75.00 deposit is to be remitted with this application for each show you are interested in.  Balance is due two weeks in advance of show by check or cash only on the first day of show.  If you need to cancel you will get a refund if cancellation is 30 days or more in advance.



Beverly and Charles Babcock